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Talking Skull by Vienna Magic

(c. 1988)
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What a wonderful item from Vienna Magic.  As with most of their magic the skull and electronics are all very well made. The box even holds a deck of cards inside the box, which seems obvious, but I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen similar props that cannot accommodate the items you will use with the effect.

One of the great things about this prop is it is a simply matter of pressing a button to create a new recording, and there is also a switch to disguise your voice by slowing it down. There is nothing worse than trying to have a voice from beyond which sounds exactly like your own voice 🙁

This is a utility prop that allows you to easily record any message of a few seconds, including music, and it will replay it when the skull is briefly swiped over the upper right hand corner. However you can freely place the skull in the center and nothing will happen. The box can contain a deck of cards, or a notepad, billets, dominoes, rings, coins, etc. Whatever you what to use as the final revelation. The instructions included tell you how to set-up and use the prop, but do not provide any routine so that is left to the performer.

You could change the PK object (the skull in this case) to something more appropriate if it fitted your routine better because it is simply a magnet in the skull that triggers the recording. And if desired you could simply use a magnetic ring or a concealed magnet in the hand.

Effect: Magician shows a nicely decorated box. He opens the box. Inside there is a deck of cards. He shuffles the deck. Then a spectator is asked to select a card. Afterwards the deck is shuffled again and then placed in the box. The magician closes the lid of the box, and displays a small SKULL. Now he puts the skull on top of the box and suddenly the skull begins to talk. The skull is talking in a very strange, mystic voice. He tells the name (!) of the assisting spectator and also the card the spectator has selected.

(Notice: deck of cards not included, just to show size of box)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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