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Super Deck Switcher by Sam Dalal

(c. 2005)
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Out of stock


This is a nicer looking version of the Fantasio’s Deck Switcher.  It is not great quality if you get in really close, but from a few feet it looks great and it works perfectly.  The best quality version of this type of switch is still Peter Scarlett’s Pimpernel Card Box but the problem with Peter’s version is that it is too small to fit the card case.  This version handles the card case just right.

Effect: This is a box or case that apparently holds two decks of Bicycle cards, one red back and one blue back. It will permit you to change the deck of Red backed cards in a very easy manner right under audience view. You can change your examined and shuffled deck for a set-up deck, or any other special deck. This looks like a “book” in a wooden finish, with velvet lined compartments for the performer wanting a superior quality prop. 

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