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Super De Luxe Die Penetration by Harries

(c. 1985)
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I’m not sure who created the first Visible Die or Block Penetration and there have been many versions and methods over the years. My money would be on Floyd Thayer’s Greatest Solid Through Solid c. 1939, Carl G. Thiene’s Visible Block Penetration Penetor c. 1938, or maybe Selbit or Okito’s Matter through Matter.

The version featured here is by Harries and they have a clever feature that was also reused in later years by Thomas Pohle with his China Block Suprise. Instead of the rectangular insert being blank it is covered with the same dots as the die itself, so the first phase of the penetration looks 100% genuine as you can see the top of the die has penetrated. The tolerances are not as tight on this version as they are with Thomas’ version but the effect is still enhanced and very convincing. If you’re looking for a clever parlor effect to wow them, you’ll find it with this bad boy.

Effect: This is the ULTIMATE penetration – probably the most visual and convincing in magic today. Customers are raving about it: the beautiful finish, the built in precision, the gleaming elegance and the smoothness in working – all typical trade marks for a genuine HARRIES SUPER DE LUXE product.

You show a beautiful, sparkling die (size 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″), a nicely decorated square tube and a rectangular piece of wooden disc – a small tray – that fits tightly in two slits on each side of the tube as shown in the picture. Magician puts the wooden disc trough the slits – thereby effectively closing the tube in the middle. Let there be no mistake: the tube is separated in two compartments all the time during the performance.

Nevertheless the magician takes the big die and puts it inside the tube on the wooden tray. Everyone in the audience can see the die all the time through the front of the tube. They can follow every single move. And this is what they see (not believing their eyes of course): the die suddenly starts to penetrate the wooden tray on magicians command, slowly and magically. After this marvelous penetration you show everything again: die, tube and tray and even better – you are ready to repeat this fantastic effect again! Some of your customers have bought HARRIES SUPER DE LUXE DIE PENETRATION because of the beautiful props, other bought it because of the beautiful effect. Both are right.

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