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Super Block Penetration (Super Penetration) by Thomas Pohle, Eckhard Boettcher

(c. 1992,2019)
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Out of stock


This is an early penetration from Thomas Pohle released by the prolific German magic dealer Eckhard Boettcher. It looks effective but is a little more  involved than his later block penetrations such as: China Block Penetration and China Block Surprise. Michael Baker’s later Mandarin Block Escape uses a similar method but with Thomas’ you could have everything examined if you wanted.

This was re-released by Thomas as The Impossible Die and Wand Penetration c. 2019

Effect: You hand out the tube for examination and then place the die inside the tube and let it drop out again offering it also for examination along with the die.  The die is replaced in the tube and you can clearly see it’s face through the hole and you lock it inside with the wand.  You hold the tube and visibly the die penetrates the wand and drops out of the bottom.

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