Super Automatic Don’t Ring The Bell by David Howarth

(c. 1978)
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I remember when I saw the first version of this beautiful piece of magic and entertainment when I was at Ron MacMillian’s One Day Convention in London (Ron’s Day) in 1979. At the time I could not afford it, but I knew precisely how I would use it in my act. Well 40 years later I finally have a slightly later and more improved version of that very same effect 🙂

This is later design that works 100% automatically – earlier models used a magnet and reed switch this model can be programmed to work completely automatically. No magnets, no remotes, no attachments and nothing added or taken away.

Effect: One of the funniest comedy tricks of all time. Superbly designed and manufactured by David Howarth. A small bell is fastened to a tray with a bell push button some inches away from it. You hand the tray to a spectator with instructions that they are not to press the button until you ask them. You begin to perform a trick, suddenly THE BELL RINGS! “No, don’t ring the bell”, you yell … the spectator protests that he never touched the bell … you commence the trick again … once more the bell rings, much to the spectator’s discomfort and the magician’s annoyance. This is repeated as many times as desired.

Finally the bell rings non stop and the performer discards it in resignation. Situation comedy at its best 🙂

(Notice: this requires five standard batteries: 1 9v battery,  4 AA.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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