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Sum Ting Wong by Okito-Williams

(c. 2001)
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The original version of this effect was invented by the genius Robert Harbin c.1946 as Dippy Magnet. The Dutch Micro Magic master, Eddy Taytelbaum, created a stunning version which earned him third place at the 1961 FISM Close-Up/Card Competition. This beautiful version was built by Carl Williams in the Okito-Williams style, and there were only 21 manufactured by Carl.

A deck of Aviator cards is introduced to the audience and is shuffled and cut several times. The cards are fanned and a spectator is asked to select and withdraw one card. After showing this card to several other spectators in the audience, the card is placed on top of five or six indifferent cards that have been randomly selected by the performer. The audience does not know the identity of the indifferent cards while the performer does not know the identity of the selected card. The remainder of the card deck is returned to its case. A spectator is asked to shuffle the selected card into the small packet of cards provided by the performer. The small packet is then returned to the performer after which it is placed face down to one side on the table.

An oriental decorated pillbox is shown to the spectators and its lid removed. Attached to the inside of the lid is a thin gold chain. On the other end of the chain is a gold Chinese figure. The performer places the cards one at a time in a row on the table while placing the pillbox bottom section to one side.

A spectator is asked to hold the lid with the Chinese figure suspended over the cards one at a time. All at once one card is attracted to the base of the Chinese figure.
The remaining cards are picked up and set to one side. The card selected by the Chinese figure is placed face down on the table toward the audience. The performer replaces the Chinese figure back into the pillbox and the lid is replaced.

The spectator who selected the card is asked to name his card aloud. After the card is named the performer turns the card over that was selected by the Sum Ting Wong and it matches the one called out by the spectator. AH of the apparatus, and the five or six cards used, may be examined by the audience.

Notice: this comes with a deck of Aviator cards as issued but you can use any cards.  In fact if you want you can borrow the deck to do this effect.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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