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Stunners Plus! (3rd Edition) by Larry Becker

(c. 1992,2002)
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Effect: Larry Becker is an incredible Mentalist. But once you read this book you’ll realize he is a lot more than that! One of his biggest hits, Russian Roulette, is explained in detail in this book, and frankly even when you know how this is done you will realise how absolutely brilliant Larry Becker is. I have long been an admirer of, his magic, and this book proves why.

Talk about incredible value.  This is such a thick tomb, it will keep you going and going and going. Thank-you Larry for re-releasing this incredible volume, and adding more to boot. If you buy no other book this year, buy this one!


  1. Acknowledgement
  2. Dedication
  3. Foreword
  4. Preface
  5. Introduction
  6. Life on the Wrong Side of the Brain
  7. Monte Crispo: An initialed $100 bill is sealed in one of several envelopes. After a spectator eliminates all but one, the discarded envelopes are destroyed in a paper shredder. The remaining envelope is opened and the $100 bill is NOT inside. The initialed bill is discovered in an insurance policy under the spectator’s arm.
  8. Digitellus: Two freely selected digits are transformed into ten numbers, none of which are known to the performer. The spectator totals all ten numbers only to discover the performer had correctly predicted the answer.
  9. Bear Minimum: An entertaining game of chance is won by the performer, but the spectator takes home an adorable consolation prize.
  10. The Berlin Bears: Germany’s Ted Lesley baffled some of the world’s leading mentalists at the 1992 Psychic Entertainers Association convention with this clever effect.
  11. Sneak Thief: One of the boldest “Psychometric” routines ever created. Four spectators draw whatever they wish on blank file cards. The performer correctly identifies who drew what, and brings the demonstration to an exciting climax by duplicating the final drawing while it is still laying face down on the table. Also included is “Sneaky Too”, a devastating card routine that goes one up on the original.
  12. Intuition: An invisible “hold-out” that enables you to perform a myriad of puzzling effects. Included are two routines, one for close-up and the other presentation for stage use.
  13. Get The Picture: Larry White’s “X-ray vision” design duplication using two opaque manila envelopes. Also included are variations by Larry’s friends; Steve Dusheck (Playing Cards & Book Test), Alan Wassilak (Brain Wave), Dan Tong (Prediction) and Larry Becker (Wordarama & Stand-up).
  14. The $99.95 Miracle: A high-tech miracle revolving around a “Dick Tracy” type pen/corder and some of Chester Gould’s dastardly villains.
  15. All-Star Miracle: Larry Becker’s commercial hit. A spectator freely selects one of eight Baseball trading cards. Believe it or not, the chosen player’s autograph is found on a regulation baseball that’s been in full view throughout. Also included is an entertaining presentation by Roger L. Omanson.
  16. Gaff-Free Duo: Two great mental effects, Ned Rutledge’s “Minding the Store” and Don Wayne’s “Room Service”, are simplified and practically duplicated using a clever principle.
  17. Hypnotic: Two spectator’s are laughingly “hypnotized” into believing they are the world’s greatest losers. Despite some very fair mixing and dealing, the performer wins every hand and correctly predicts the outcome of the final hand.
  18. Midnight Miracle: The ingenious principle of Larry’s early commercial success, “Hare Mail” is transformed into one of mentalism’s most lethal weapons. Two outstanding uses are included, “Pre-Vue” and “Switcheroo.”
  19. The Becker Bevel: An unpublished, easily executed sleight that enables you to cleanly force a playing card even though the spectator’s choice is extremely fair.
  20. The Revenger: An entertaining routine using the well known sound effects device widely sold in variety and novelty shops.
  21. Bank Night Baffler: Lee Earle modernizes “Bank Nite” with an ingenious method you’ll love to use.
  22. Casino Caper: The performer correctly (and cleanly) predicts the outcome of three games of chance, Roulette, Black Jack and Craps.
  23. Casino Royale: An unpublished effect inspired by David Copperfield’s “Blackboard Illusion.” The performer without ever touching a large, covered display board, correctly predicts which casino a spectator will visit, how much he’ll wager on a game of chance, and the outcome of a Black Jack hand freely dealt by the spectator.
  24. Some Total Radio: Richard Osterlind’s clever adaptation of Larry Becker’s “Some Total” designed for radio talk show use.
  25. The Borgia Bash: A zany prediction woven into a tale about the deadly Borgia family.
  26. Shuffler II: A sneaky update to the original “Shuffler” that enables you to maintain a card stack despite repeated mixing in an electric card shuffler.
  27. The RothBeck Box: Larry Becker and Roy Roth combine their talents to produce a die divination box that duplicates everything the expensive electronic models can do, without the use of electronics.
  28. X-The Unknown: Leo Boudreau’s ingenious close-up mental effect complete with the artwork you need to do-it-yourself.
  29. Triple Threat: “Laser Gazer” is a devilishly clever effect. Also included are two additional and different climaxes entitled, “Crystal-Eyes” and “Witch-Watch.”
  30. Flush & Headliner: Two highly entertaining presentations that share a not-so-common principle. One of Larry Becker’s most diabolic ideas.
  31. Power of Suggestion: A second look at one of the finest mental card effects ever to appear in the International Brotherhood of Magician’s fine publication, Linking Ring.
  32. The Howard Hughes Headline Prediction: An outrageous concept for the “Headline Prediction” effect with more twists, turns, and laughs than you can imagine.
  33. Mail Mental: A baffling variation of the Koran Gold Medallion effect using a cardboard carton and a locked box.
  34. Match Game: It started with Larry’s “Will The Cards Match.” Now see where it all ended up with two previously unpublished routines including “Punch Lines”, a very funny variation and the “Ultimate Match-Up” with a surprising and baffling climax.
  35. Psycho II: Larry Becker’s umpteenth improvement on his first commercial success.
  36. Terminal Psycho: The definitive effort that finally puts an end to the “Psycho” saga.
  37. Kliptomaniac: A baffling mental coin effect with an extra added “attraction.”
  38. Game Show: A very entertaining routine constructed around television’s popular “The Price is Right” television show.
  39. Clearly Predictable: The unbelievable “Headline Prediction” that baffled over 2500 magicians and mentalists throughout England and Europe.
  40. The Nostradamus Prediction Chest: A newspaper headline is predicted on a signed, audio cassette locked inside two nesting chests retained by a dignitary. No electronics or switching. The cassette the spectator removes from the chest is the one he actually signed and locked inside days or weeks earlier. Three different presentations are included.
  41. Club Kicker: A significant improvement to one of the strongest mental card effects in Book Two of Larry Becker’s World of Super Mentalism.
  42. SlopPsi Turvy: A common card “move” becomes an excellent and effective mental card force.
  43. Mind Probe: The improved version of Larry’s original divination of a thought of digit in the serial number on a dollar bill.
  44. Two O’Thoughts: The age old “clock” principle is elevated to mental miracle status with two outstanding stand-up presentations, “Mind Mirror” and “Cardology.”
  45. Hour of Destiny: The ingenious extension of the “2 O’Thoughts”, now commercially sold and featured by Ted Lesley’s Wonder Workshop in Germany. Two fabulous routines. One is light entertainment and the other a more serious presentation.
  46. Boxxed: The inside story of Larry’s improvement to the “Spectramental” effect in Book Two of World of Super Mentalism.
  47. Serial Killer: Originally sold for $135.00, this unbelievable effect uses a new principle in mentalism. Three volunteers randomly create a “phantom serial number” by calling off digits from three freely selected dollar bills. An absolute miracle.
  48. The Diffusion Principle: A unique principle that enables you to duplicate paper currency, legally, to achieve an uncanny display of “teleportation.”
  49. X Rated Stuff: One of the finest mentally selected card routines ever devised. Including an entertaining variation entitled, “My Favorite Card.”
  50. Coin Purse Mysteries: Larry Becker’s great utilitarian mental device and the routines it spawned. Everything from the Bank Nite and Mental Safari routines to two “killers”, “Descripto” and “Divination,” disclosed here for the very first time.
  51. Unbalanced: A tricky Tarot routine using a well known card flourish.
  52. Super Reflecta-Thot: Richard Stride and Larry Becker team up to elevate a great effect to “miracle” status. A spectator freely selects one of 500 different words. Immediately, the performer reveals not only the word being thought of, but its definition as well.
  53. What Goes Around: After pioneering the zip-code principle in the July 1958 issue of Genii, Larry reveals five of the many devastating routines and variations he’s created over the ensuing years: “Mini-Deck”, “Jeopardy Zip”, “Zip Lock”, “Lock-up” and “Emotional Zip.”
  54. Ultra Coinetic: The original “Ultra-Coinetic” sold for $60 and required a specially constructed leather case. Now, Larry transforms it into a do-it-yourself project that can be made up in five minutes from a couple of manila pay envelopes.
  55. Subliminal Persuasion: The performer demonstrates the persuasive power of subliminal suggestion using a portable tape recorder.
  56. Transparen-See: Obtaining a spectator’s innermost thoughts has never been easier or more diabolical in concept. Describes Larry’s brand new “Blockbuster Wallet” and how to perform the effect using something every mentalist is sure to have.
  57. Ultimate Flashback: A sneak preview of “Son of Flashback,” the fastest, simplest Book Test ever created. Soon, if not already available, with exciting new improvements.
  58. Test Conditions: A close-up mental card effect. A spectator shuffles the deck. The performer makes a prediction. The spectator cuts the deck into three piles and freely selects any pile. The top three cards are shown to be different from one another. When the prediction is read, it correctly matches the freely selected card.
  59. Russian Roulette: One of the most baffling and sought after effects ever conceived. Featured on stage and TV throughout the world by Larry Becker. The ingenious secret is revealed at long last. A death-defying demonstration that is totally original and requires absolutely no gimmicks. More than an explanation, this is a chronology of the development of a spectacular mental illusion and the many close calls Larry experienced while performing it. This effect is worth ten times the cost of this ebook to an experienced, working professional mentalist

386 APPENDIX I: The Double Undercut

387 APPENDIX II: The Charlier Shuffle

390 The Post Stunners Decade
390 Performance and Lecture Reviews
397 Ace Revisited
401 Invisible Coinetic
403 The Force Be With You
406 Sweet Intuition
408 Tribute to Stewart James
411 Lightning Thot*
412 Extra Sensory Deception
415 Crowd Pleaser
418 April’s Not-So-Magic Square
422 Al Zymer Graphology
427 The ‘F’ Gambit
429 The Power of Suggestion III
433 Zenneristic
438 Paper Fortune Cookie
444 Star Struck
447 Lucky Digits
449 Super Serial Killer
453 Sneak Thief Supreme
460 Some Total UpDate
463 Mensa-Mental

469 Ads & Instructions
469 Insight Wallet Instructions
478 Ultimate Flashback
500 Out Of Body 2
508 Blockbuster Wallet
515 The Chameleon Chest Instructions
532 Improved Universal Coin Purse
539 Versadex Wallet
552 The Flasher
561 The Incredible Wallet Instructions
570 Here, There & Everywhere
577 Casino Light
591 Marker Mentalism Instructions
600 The Infallible $5000 Challenge Prediction
603 The Infallible Prediction
608 Boxxed
613 Incredible ‘Audio Prediction’
624 PsiClops
644 Instructions for ‘Virtuosity’
658 Instructions for Visual Aid
663 The UTC System

  • Publisher: Aplar Publishing
  • Pages: 674
  • Location: Carefree, AZ, USA
  • Edited by: Robert Bluemle, Gayle Glade
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1992, 2002
  • Binding: softbound

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