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Stanley Watson’s Hilarious Hacksaw by Supreme Magic Company

(c. 1977)
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Out of stock


Stan Watson was a talented and generous professional performer and I was lucky enough to be at the Sussex Magic Circle when he was a member. You could always see the difference between his performances and the other guys. His scissors are absolute gold and if you are doing the Linking Rings, then you need this hacksaw.  My all time favorite comedy magician Bob Read used to use them to great effect (of course Bob could make anything look Hilarious) 🙂

At only 10” long and 2-½” high, the gaffed saw is the perfect size, large enough to be seen, but small enough to be convenient. Heavily chrome plated and the blade finished to look real, but be harmless.

Effect: USE IT IN ANY LINKING RING ROUTINE. The idea is that you have a helper on-stage, who let us assume, has been given a chain of two, or three rings to examine. You laughingly state he is to separate the rings. Pretend that he has asked – (in fact they often do!) – for a hacksaw – so you offer him one! This gets the first laugh.

As the spectator goes to take the saw, he and the audience become aware that it has become linked to the examined rings which he is trying to get apart! You can nonchalantly release the hacksaw and carry on with your routine or leave it linked on the rings if you wish !

The hacksaw has been specially produced. The handle of the saw itself is plated to harmonize with the rings. The imitation blade is like a real blade, but specially produced so it cannot damage the rings or harm the helper.

We send you this special saw together with a manuscript giving different linking and unlinking techniques AND a complete routine using three rings (a single ring and a chain of two) from your regular set of Chinese Rings. All the rings can of course be examined yet you still go through a BEWILDERING SERIES OF CAPERS.

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