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Stage Size Die Through Silk Surprise by Kellini, Supreme Magic Company

(c. 1973,1975)
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Out of stock


The original smaller version effect was invented by Kellini of Norway and released by Supreme Magic c. 1973 and this larger version was released c. 1975.  I used to do the smaller version quite a lot as a teenager and really liked it.

This does not come with the original silk handkerchief as released but a replacement has been provided.  It also is missing the circular tray that is mentioned in the ad but otherwise it works fine and I see little need for the tray.

Effect: Another of those tricks you have repeatedly asked us to produce. Well, we’ve done it! A couple of years ago, we were delighted to release the clever notion by a young ‘Magical Ideas’ man from Norway, KELLINI. Although the principle used in the effect was such an old one. the item became an instant success …. it baffled too!  And because it was a pretty and unusual effect with an offbeat climax, it soon proved to be popular with magicians all over the world.

Amongst the magicians who requested a larger size, suitable for stage presentation, was Jeffery Atkins, who purchased one of the originals. Now here it is …. Resting on a 36 inch silk is a die some 4″ inches square, the die is black with white spots. A red cover is shown empty and dropped over the die.

Magician holds the covered die in his hand. Magically and mysteriously, the die begins to penetrate through the silk. Help!!!!! It’s now a plain black cube! Passing through the silk, all the spots have been left behind. The die is freely shown. The silk is removed from the cover; from the cover is tossed out all the missing spots!!!!

This is a feature trick you can work under any condition; ideal for cabaret work as it can be performed surrounded.

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