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Spin A Card by Bob Kline

(c. 1978)
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This is visually appealing item from Bob Kline and there were only 12 made.  The unit stands 14″ high and is very well made of thick Plexiglas. The wheel spins very smoothly and it is easy to perform.  If desired the whole dial can be examined and freely spun before and after.

There is no force of the card, any card can be chosen and it can be different every time.

The effect is very similar to the classic Spirit Clock Dial using cards instead of a clock dial.  The method in fact is the same as Tony Lackner’s Astral Dial though I’m pretty sure it was first used decades before that.

Effect: One card is freely chosen from a fan of eight cards that are bridge size, noted, and placed back on the packet of eight cards. A plastic wheel with small duplicate cards of these eight is started spinning and stops with the selected card at the pointer at the tip of wheel.

(Notice: the instructions mention a specially printed card with the words “That’s Right” on them which needs to be palmed to the top of pack after the card is chosen, but this card is not included – it would be easy to make up one with a blank card if desired, but it seems an unnecessary complication in an otherwise straight forward routine.)

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