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Spectral Self-Lighting Candle by Viking Mfg.

(c. 2021)
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From a short distance, this candle looks like the candle made by Prometheus Studios and sold by Stevens Magic but on closer examination it is clearly a different candle.  The Viking version is a little more substantial but they both seem to work reliably.  They use a different type of remote to turn on the candle but the candle combustion method is basically the same.

If you’re looking for a prop to add that extra little bit of punch to your mentalist or bizarre routine this would be the way to go.  Looks great, surprising and very reliable.

Effect: Our Spectral Candle is a great addition to any Magick, bizarre or mentalist routine. Simply concentrating on the candle will cause it to ignite. Can be used as a group test where the audience uses its mental power to ignite the candle. May be blown out and reignited as many times as you like.

For a comedy routine this could be a great running gag.

Imagine the following: You light a candle for a specific reason and then you blow it out. You turn to the audience for your next effect and the candle ignites behind your back. You turn and blow it out. Seconds later it relights. This can become a running gag as long as you like. Finally, you place the candle in your pocket and after a few minutes you scream in pain as you remove the lighted candle from your jacket pocket.

Our candle is under your complete control, controlled by remote. You can cause it to ignite at any time. Our candle is 6″ tall and supplied with a wood candle holder, remote control unit, wicks and detailed instructions suggesting a variety of routines.

A Viking Mfg. Quality Product.


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