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Solid Brass Weight-Trix 3-D Matrix (with DVD) by Bob Sheets, Glenn Morphew

(c. 2017)
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Wow, these weights are really amazing and beautiful!  They are made of solid brass, look and feel perfect and come with a clean and entertaining routine that is taught perfectly by Bob Sheets and Glenn Morphew.  The weights are even nicer than the Jim Riser ones which were the gold standard for many years. Just amazingly solid and there is no way you can spot the gimmick, it is perfect (I can’t pick it out from the line-up without looking first) 🙂

The routine created by Bob Sheets and Glenn Morphew is also one of the best Matrix routines I have seen and Bob & Glenn clearly spent months refining and improving it.  It is taught perfectly by Bob Sheets and Glenn Morphew (in separate sessions) on the included 53 minute DVD. They have made it as easy as possible to perform and it is funny and entertaining too.

If you ever wanted to perform a Matrix/Chink-a-Chink routine this has it all:

  • Beautiful Solid Brass Weights
  • Perfect seamless gimmick
  • Clean and Entertaining Routine
  • Clear and Easy to Follow Video directions from both Bob Sheets and Glenn Morphew

Just watch Bob’s performance and I think you will look at this classic effect in a whole new light.  Amazing, funny stuff 🙂

Effect: This solid brass Chink-a-Chink set was made on a $750,000 CNC machine. Because the gimmick was also machined from solid brass, (rather than a spun disk) the top edge of the gimmick matches the weights perfectly and the gimmick will patina and always match the look of the weights.

The routine taught on the 53 minute DVD was constructed by Bob Sheets and Glenn Morphew over an 18 month period of time. It has 11 magic moments and 4 distinct phases. The handling is very natural and the transitions are impeccable. The moves are not hard to do.

Included on the DVD:

  • The Story
  • Bob’s  Performance
  • Bob’s Explanation
    • Sucker Phase
    • Orion’s Belt
    • Criss Cross
    • Don’t Blink
  • Glenn’s Performance
  • Glenn’s Explanation
    • Grips & Tips
    • Easy Explanation
    • Sucker Phase
    • Orion’s Belt
    • Square Knot
    • Cover Them Both
    • Instant Matrix
    • Follow Along
  • Some Thoughts
  • Cliff’s Notes

(Notice: Includes: DVD (or similar) Instructions.)

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