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Solid Brass Snapper by Bob Solari Magic

(c. 1993)
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Bob Solari released a series of Classic Collectibles in the early 1990’s.  All of the pieces were well made in Solid Brass, they looked great, were solidly made, and worked perfectly.  The effects in the series included:

Effect: The SNAPPER has got to be the classic of all classic effects. In the past it was manufactured in wood, then plastic, and even aluminum. Now finally a PROFESSIONAL MODEL is available in GLEAMING SOLID BRASS. Another “CLASSIC” brought back to life using only the highest quality materials available.

A BRASS tube with a rubber band through the end is shown,also a BRASS rod with a hook on the end. Performer demonstrates how by putting the rod in the tube you can engage the rubber band on the hook. Then by pulling the rod out and letting it go the rod snaps back in the tube. The performer can repeat this action as often as desired. The spectator will find it IMPOSSIBLE to duplicate the performers feat.

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