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P&L Small Lota (6 Shot Lota) by Petrie-Lewis

(c. 1948,2017)
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Out of stock


A close-up version of the classic Lota effect with roots to Bengali magicians in the early 17th century. This is a newly re-released Petrie-Lewis staple.

Effect: The magician picks it up and pours all the liquid into a cup until not one drop remains in the Lota. Then a few minutes later the magician returns to once again pour yet another drink! How can this be possible? To the amazement of the audience, the magician repeats this five times!

Suggested Patter: While in Egypt on my recent world tour to procure new and strange effects to present to my audience, I heard of a strange or Mystic Vase found in an old tomb. This is the vase which now that it has been polished looks like new and yet has lost none of the mystic qualities after all these centuries. This vase was carried on long and tedious journeys across the desert and should the ruler become thirsty, he would simply pour a drink. (Show empty) Again and again as he traveled across the hot sands, another and another drink was poured and the little vase always seemed to contain the water to refresh.

Another version: After the first drink, by simply reaching up into the air and taking the moisture from it by the hands ful and pronouncing the Magic Word (use your own) the little vase always becomes full of clear water.

A wonderful little utility tool that can produce six shots of liquid and small enough to fit in your jacket pocket.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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