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Silver Symphony by Al Vitali

(c. 1940)
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This is a great parlor/stage item invented by Al Vitali.  It is beautifully made in brass with a wooden coin holder that is quiet and deceptive.  You can clearly show the container empty and the the magic happens very cleanly before their eyes – coins vanish one by one from the easel and can be heard landing in the canister.

The original instructions call this “Al Vitali’s Silver Symphony” so I can easily conclude this effect was invented by Al Vitali! I could only find one mention of this effect in my searches – in Linking Ring, November 1960, pg 112. Given that Al Vitali (often Alfred Vitali) passed away June 27th, 1948 I’m pretty sure this was built before that. I don’t know if Mr. Vitali built magic like this, but if not then my money would be on Sherms, Inc. (Robert Shermam). It certainly is like the magic that Bob created. Plus it comes with eight Sherms’ Palming coins (you can tell they are Sherms’ because they have the Sherms’ “Master Magic”, Devil design and the letter “S” for “Sherms”).

If you have any more details of when this was item released or who manufactured it please contact me.


  • Silver Symphony brass container.
  • Coin stand to vanish coins.
  • 8 Sherms’ Palming Coins.
  • Original printed Instructions (with a smaller corner missing).

Effect: Four half-dollar sized palming coins are displayed on an easel. Performer shows an empty brass canister, which is covered and held in the left hand. He picks up one coin at a time, tosses it in the air … and it vanishes. A moment later it is heard to fall inside the canister. This is repeated with all the coins, one at a time.

At the end the canister is opened and the four coins are cleanly counted one by one.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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