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Shake ‘n’ Snake (2013) by Nick Wenger

(c. 2010,2013)
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This is the current version (since 2013) of Nick Wenger’s amazing Shake ‘n’ Snake.  It is basically the same but the basket is now a hand woven basket from Gypsy Baskets instead of a hard shell (firbeglass?) basket and the snake is now more realistic than before and in fact very similar to one supplied with Viper Pro.  I love Terry Lunceford’s Viper Pro, but Shake ‘n’ Snake is so much better in entertainment, look, and, of course, manufacture.  The electronics for Nick’s snake continue to be very solid and expertly made, and the unit is very reliable and works like a charm.

Although Collectors’ Workshops’ Khyber Kobra is mechanically superior, from a concentrated excitement and laughter impact I think I’d stick with this effect.

The addition of the shake feature is a brilliant idea and really increases the suspense. Imagine Jaws without the music, the film would be nowhere near as scary. The Shake feature is kind of like that. Not only do they suspect something is about to happen they get a preview too and each time it shakes it builds up the tension and surprise factor. When the snake finally leaps the surprise is that much more intense.

The electronics in the Viper Pro II and III are good, and I’ve never had a problem with them (the first Viper Pro was another story), but they are clearly inferior when compared to Mr. Wenger’s work. Don’t get me wrong I would still perform the Viper Pro II if I didn’t have Shake ‘n’ Snake, it is still a great, reliable trick. But Shake ‘n’ Snake is the best without a question, and I cannot imagine ever using my Viper Pro II again.

Effect: A Basket with a Spring In Its Step! Bring a spectator on stage to help with your next trick but first you want to introduce them to your pet snake. On a table they notice a Basket, as they approach the container it jumps. This never fails to get a great reaction. Usually they will not want to get anywhere near it again. After some comedy by play you have the spectator select and sign a card. You then have the card lost in the deck. The deck is placed on table by the container. After some more fun with your helper the snake suddenly jumps from the container with a card in it’s mouth. Yes, it is the signed card!

The jumping feature and the snake ejector are under your control using a 2-channel transmitter. You can make the container jump as often as you like before the card revelation.

The snake ejector is an original design that is handcrafted by Nick Wenger and is very reliable.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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