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Self-Priming Syphon of Louis Histed by Magikraft Studios

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In 1995, consummate magic collector William H. McIlhany  commissioned the master craftsman and inventor Martin Lewis of Magickraft Studios to create this beauty.  And what a wonderful and rare piece of real magic  it is.  The effect comes from Martin’s father’s (Eric C. Lewis) book The Crowning Miracles  (1983, pg: 176-179), and according to a letter from Martin Lewis there were only seven created.

Not only is this a beautiful prop the way it works is truly magical. There are no buttons to press, nothing to replace after each performance, no electronics and barely any sounds. You fill the elegant wine glass, place it on the tray, briefly show the inside of the wooden chimney, and place it over the glass, and in just a few seconds nearly all of the liquid disappears.  Really a clever piece of magic from an idea by Louis Histed.

Notice: this is not hard to do but it does take a nack to get right.  It comes with printed instructions of the effect in Crowning Miracles, but not the actual original instructions for the effect.  There isn’t much to learn but I will send you a few tips that I have found to make it easy to do if you need them.  The best source of advice is just to watch my video. This is really for the collector – I don’t expect you will be performing this in your live show very often, so please bear that in mind.  It does however work perfectly as demonstrated in the video.

This item is in very good condition, not mint because I have tested it out a number of times with actual liquids and a some paint has flaked off. What you see in the photos is the actual effect you are getting. It is still a stunning and very clever piece of magic.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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