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Saqqara Mystery by Magic Wagon

(c. 2019)
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What a absolutely gorgeous version of the Astro-Ball Cabinet, which of course is none other than Phase 1 of Stewart James’ groundbreaking effect which you can read more about here.

Apart from looking amazing what makes this unique is that it is small enough and designed in such a way that it can be performed in a formal close-up setting without any fear of the spectator seeing anything.  It also comes with four wonderful pages of routine and tips from John M. Talbot.  John provides an interesting story that works hand in hand with the props and some great ideas to take this effect all the way.

But this item again shows that Magic Wagon continues to rule supreme when it comes to creating stunning, authentic and intriguing looking close-up illusions.  Just look at all of these beauties 🙂

Effect: A strikingly beautiful cabinet is displayed and opened to show a small shot glass on one side and a red mysterious package on the other side. The performer then closes the door, opens the top compartment and hands “the ancient spells message” to a spectator to read invoking a mystical spirit. Amazingly, when the door is reopened, the mysterious red package is now INSIDE the shot glass! The performer then removes the shot glass and allows the mysterious package to fall out and into the spectator’s awaiting hand. The cabinet may also be handed out for examination! There is not a clue as to how the mysterious package not only moved, but floated up and into the shot glass.

This beautiful piece of magic is based on Milson Worth’s Astro Ball Cabinet (the brilliant concept which was originally invented by Stewart James) but the nice thing about our model is that it is self-contained. The cabinet is entirely free from any encumbrances as nothing is attached to any table or furniture which does make the effect more practical to perform.

The cabinet, without the panel in place, measures approximately 14cms wide, 12cms high and 7.5cms deep. Although the effect has been remade by countless builders over the years, this is, without question, one of the finest and most exquisitely detailed “Astro Ball Cabinet” effects ever produced. The entire outfit is extremely detailed with genuine Egyptian motif and each set has been painstakingly and individually hand-crafted by our own exclusive artist.

Comes complete with everything you need including Mr. John M. Talbot’s “Saqqara Vault” 4 page routine and other ideas, plus an optional way to perform the effect using a flash device!

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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