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Rising Cards by Rob Bromley

(c. 2012,2018)
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I’ve been a big fan of the Devano Rising Cards for years and until I saw Rob Bromley’s rising cards I was quite happy with my George Richbark produced Devanos.  However Rob Bromley’s Rising Cards is as good if not better in some ways than even the classic Devano.  The block is tiny – even slightly smaller than the Richbark but it is sealed.  This can be a good or a bad thing, but because the block is so thin it is mostly good.  The only real downside I have with the Rob Bromley rising cards is that they use a sticky instead of the metal pins used by the Devano.  I just prefer the pins, although the sticky appears to work just as well most of the time (just need to check it from time to time).

Anyway you can’t go wrong with this Rising Cards and it is the one I currently use too (I have some spares).

Effect: This version of the classic Rising Card effect is hand crafted by the master of playing card engineering, Rob Bromley.

The gimmick is beautifully made and works with a super smooth action.

Imagine having one or even multiple cards selected and signed. The cards are lost back in the deck and, one by one, they rise from within the center of the pack.

The Rising Card effect is a classic of magic and it is practically self-working.

Comes complete with special rising card deck and full instructional DVD with routines and handling from Peter Nardi and Dave Loosley.

(Notice: Includes: DVD (or similar) Instructions.)

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