Ring Cruncher by Collectors’ Workshop, Roy Roth

(c. 1987)
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This is the original shiny brass version of the Collectors’ Workshop Ring Cruncher and it looks much nicer than the later one they produced which can be seen here. This effect is based upon Roy Roth’s original effect Grind-a-Ring and it was built with permission of Roy Roth at the time. Other dealers versions of this item, with or without the permission of Roy Roth, have tended to get quite complex and I really like the simplicity and elegance of this early CW version.

Effect: Absolute favorite of closeup, table, club and stage workers. A borrowed ring is deposited in a solid brass “ring cleaner.” The handle is cranked, with an awful, crunching sound. Dismayed, the performer stops and empties the “cleaner.” Gold dust pours out. Unperturbed, the performer offers to trade his “most valuable possession” — a deck of cards that has been sitting on the table at all times. Inside the case is the borrowed ring.

(Notice: use your own or a borrowed ring.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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