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Ring Casket (Ultimate Ring Casket) by Viking Mfg.

(c. 1997)
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Out of stock


This is a very deceptive and easy to set and use device for making a vanished ring appear in an impossible location.  The spectator can inspect this until they are blue in the face but they’ll have no way of figuring out how the ring arrived inside the little brass box.  What is particularly deceptive is that the thread is pretty deep and so it takes many turns to take the lid off, which makes the illusion even more impressive because there is just no way to quickly screw the lid on, and yet load time is instant.

Not only does this box look classy it can handle any small object that fits inside including a large array of rings and small broaches.

Effect: Simply put, a borrowed ring appears within a sealed brass container. The method is quick and diabolical.

Our Ring Casket has been copied, but never equaled. Precision machining makes this one of our finest pieces.

A ring is borrowed by the performer and then caused to vanish. A spectator has been given a small brass container to hold. When this container is opened he/she discovers the missing ring!

You’ll marvel at the ingenuity and design of our original Ring Casket. Can be examined without fear of detection.

Can be used with rings, coins, or other small objects. Instant reset for table-hopping, etc.

NOTE: Our Ring Casket has been copied and sold under various names, Ring Box, Ring Cassette, Rapido, etc. but to be sure, ask for the original; look for the Viking trademark on all our unique products). Compare our products to others and you will see that not only do we offer a superior product, ours in most cases is better priced!

(Notice: ring not supplied.)

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