Ring-A-Majig by Mike Giusti, Tim Wisseman

(c. 2002,2008)
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(Notice: Use your own flash-paper or flash cotton.  Does not come with ring box for the reappearence as shown in the video – use your favorite method to restore the ring.  This is just the vanish Ring-A-Majig device.)

When you first get this you’ll probably be disappointed 🙁  But don’t despair read on …

The Ring-A-Majig does not look as well engineered or finished as Chance Wolf’s Ultimate Ring Grinder, and it is nowhere near as pretty as Viking’s Deluxe Ring Grinder or as elegant as CW’s Ring Cruncher.  But if you plan on actually vanishing a ring this is the perfect utility device.  It is true it doesn’t look like a collectible magic prop, but it does look like an industrial device that a mad scientist could have created in his back room.  This is a good thing and looks can be deceiving because although it might not look as slick as Chance’s grinder, it functions perfectly.  It is built by Tim Wisseman so you know it is engineered to last.

If I wanted to actually perform a Ring Grinder type effect, the reasons I prefer this to other Ring Grinders are:

  • It doesn’t look like a magic prop.
  • Although there is a large hole in the bottom to deliver the ring, it can covered with three fingers and convincingly be shown on all sides.
  • The flash addition creates a perfect distraction to steal away the ring at the appropriate time.  In fact you could steal away an elephant if you wanted 🙂
  • Because it looks like an industrial device it is much easier for the audience to believe something has really gone wrong.
  • The comedy potential with this device is improved because of the above.

Effect: Ring-A-Majig is the ultimate, end-all accessory for your existing comedy ring routines and now made better than ever by Tim Wisseman!

Over the years, there have been countless styles of ring boxes on the magic market: Some great, some not so great. Some had great ideas added to the basic design concept, but none of them would do everything Mike needed. So, he decided to come up with his own version, and not only does it do everything, but it looks about as far away from a magic prop as possible!

What separates this “Ring Cleaner” from all the others is that it has just about everything one would need for a comedy ring routine! The Ring-A-Majig sports three different functions, allowing you to pick and choose which functions suit you best while on stage! Or, use all three!

Simply drop the ring into the Ring-A-Majig and the fun begins! Push the unit’s buttons and spin the dials, and all of a sudden a loud, spine-curdling grinding noise is heard! Oops! That’s not supposed to happen. Frantically, you try to shut the machine off to no avail. All of a sudden, a huge ball of fire bursts from the machine to everyone’s horror! It appears that the machine has blown more than just a gasket!

Sheepishly, you uncap the end of the machine to retrieve the borrowed ring. Watch the look on their faces as all they receive is a handful of gold dust! But get this: the ring has been loaded safely into your wallet, nest of boxes, etc. long ago!

The entire unit does all the above yet it fits in the palm of your hand. Made of industrial-strength plastic and fitted with metal hardware, the unit measures 7″ long by 2.5″ wide by 2.5″ high, and it is ready to be incorporated into your existing repertoire! Not only do you have instant delivery into your waiting hand (unbeknownst to the audience, of course), but the housed electronics all work from 2 AA batteries! The unit comes complete with Ring-A-Majig, batteries, gold dust, and updated photo-illustrated comic book instructions!

“It’s the number one accessory for every ring routine! No magician should be without it!” — Robert Baxt

“Tim Wisseman has taken my Ring-A-Majig to the next level! I can’t wait to use it again. Thanks, Tim!” — Mike Giusti

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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