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Rider The Runaway Deck by Fantasio, Mazo Escurridizo

(c. 2018)
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Out of stock


Meir Yedid in the video explains this better than I can.  I almost kept mine after watching the video 🙂    Not sure I agree with his comments about Collectors’ Workshop’s Runaway Deck, but otherwise Meir gives an accurate portrayal of this little bit of fun.

Effect: This is all the remaining stock of this precision made gaffed deck that was purchased from Fantasio’s estate. It is not really a magic trick but can be used as one.

It is a deck of cards with hidden wheels on the inside that when activated will quickly ride across the table or floor.

The basic gag is of pushing the deck toward the spectator and as they reach for it will speed back toward you.

  • Constructed so a regular deck can be removed before the gag.
  • The plastic gimmick is removable and can be used with any card box or similar item.
  • By pushing the box around three inches forward it activates the mechanism.
  • Always ready to go. No setup, batteries or winding required.

Comes complete with the special gimmick, a Bicycle card box, and written instructions in English and Spanish. Limited stock.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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