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Ribbon Ruse by 3D Magic Works

(c. 2017)
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So another clever and self-working item from the amazingly detailed and inventive Kent Bergmann.   This item is easy to do and works smoothly with no tricky moves.  The video presentation shows you all you need to see.  The video, by Madison Hagler, who has a great youtube channel called Presenting Tenyo, cracks me up when he says “something begins to emerge, like a butterfly from a cocoon!”

These videos, and their explanations, are a great addition to an already perfect offering from Kent.  Rarely do magic creators provide quality printed instructions and consistent demonstrations and explanations online and I hope more dealers are watching Kent and raise their game in response.  Some people learn better from print and others need the videos.  Providing both is perfection.

Great job Kent!

Effect: An ornate box, fastened to a stand, along with a matching box and lid is presented. The box, fastened to the stand in a way to allow it to rotate/pivot 360 degrees front to back, has one thin opening on the top and a small opening, centered, through the box front to back. The independent box with lid contains a single rectangular plaque with a bronze inlaid face. The plaque also has a small hole, centered, going through the entire plaque.

The performer threads a length of ribbon through the hole on the front side, of the box on the stand, and out through the backside of the same box. The stand is rotated and the box is shown front and back to show the ribbon passes through. The black and bronze plaque is removed from the independent box and inserted through the thin opening at the top of the box on the stand. The plaque drops into the box and the performer again shows the front and back of the box on the stand and, pulls the ribbon back and forth, to show it is one solid length passing through the box. The performer then brings the box and stand forward and pivots the top of the box on the stand forward which allows the black and bronze plaque to slide out onto the counter/table top . . . the ribbon has penetrated the plaque and is now threaded through the hole in the center of the plaque.

The light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood. The bronze parts have been printed with a filament hat has been infused with genuine bronze particles.

Ribbon is included with this piece. Ribbon color may vary.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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