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Rewarped (Close-Up Edition) by Brian Cook

(c. 2003)
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This routine originally appeared in The Linking Ring, May 2004.  Its starting point was Roy Walton’s Card Warp first introduced c. 1973.  Also added is the tom and restored card which came from a number of possible sources, but the handling of restoration was worked out by Brian as his is a two piece rather than the standard four piece restoration.

Brian uses as his theme optical illusions: “Eyes cannot always be trusted. Let me show you something …”.  Brian also performs this effect with jumbo cards using a slightly different handling to accommodate the larger cards.

Effect: Both a spectator and the performer select a card and each card is signed. The two cards are folded in half and then interlaced. When the magician’s card is pushed through the folded spectator’s it turns face up.

When the card is removed from the spectator’s card, the magician’s card is discovered to be flipped completely – half of the card is printed face up and half face down.

The spectator is given the card and told to tear it in half to show that the two halves match when placed face up including the signature. The magician then takes the two pieces back and restores the card.

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