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Replica Morgan Triple Split Poker Chip Sticker by John Jurney

(c. 2017)
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Out of stock


Another set of Johnny Wong want to be coins from John Jurney.  They are using the Replica Morgans and from a short distance they do look like poker chips, but not up close – they look like stickers up close, which is what they are.  I think these could have looked a lot better if John Jurney had trimmed down real poker chips and attached them.

That being said this was the first release of these – the later versions he created of these look nothing like poker chips at all (with a big silver 1 in the middle), so if you wanted the poker chips these would be the ones to get.

Effect: Everyone would consider it to be a normal dollar if they see from any possible angles.But it will soon divide into two coins once being held in the performer’s hands, and then again there will be 3 coins. Just in a split of a second it is all back into 1 dollar again, excellent.  These can switch between dollars and poker chips.

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