PVL Brilliant Switch Box by Piet van Luijt

(c. 2014)
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Auction starts: April 22, 2020 12:00 am

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So I’ve seen quite a few switch board effects and I must say how much I like this one.  I’ve used the Wellington one many times with great impact but even the close-up version is fairly large.  What I like about the PVL Switch Box is that it is small and easily fits in my close-up case and yet the routine is interesting and really quite amazing.

Also, because the box is clear and can easily be handled by the audience members there really is very little heat on the box.  It just does amazing things.  This is truly one of the few electronic items I will work with these days and works perfectly every time.  It does take a little more memory work than the Wellington one, but not by much and after a few rounds you’ll quickly get used to it.

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