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Pressure Card Box by Fedko Magic Company

(c. 1988)
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This unique card box is better known as the Ultra Card Box by Fedko Magic Company and the details of which appear in John Fedko’s book Magic Treasures.  I’m not sure which name came first, but I’m guessing it was originally called the Pressure Card Box and quickly changed to the Ultra Card Box, maybe because the former name gave the method away (I was also unable to find any references to Pressure Card Box in my research).  Whichever name you use it is a great idea in card boxes, and as the brief (one paragraph!) instructions announce: “A new idea in card boxes!

What I like about this box is there is nothing added or taken away and you can change the card to another card and change it back if you want.  You can cleanly show all sides of the top and bottom and it appears very clean and empty, and yet you can make the change when you are ready without any moves. The box cannot be examined unless you are prepared to ditch the gimmick, however, the cleanness of the display should not warrant any undue suspicion in most circumstances.

If you are used to Viking’s wonderful Euro Card Box you will be surprised (and maybe disappointed) by how thin and fragile this box is and how small it is – the size difference is shown in the final photo.

Effect: Used as a carrying case, wooden box holds full deck of bicycle poker size cards. One to five cards can be vanished, produced or changed. Card in wallet routine can be performed with no palming. Many possibilities for this unique box which uses a clever principle and does not look gimmicked. Credit card can be changed to real bills. Coins can be vanished, made to appear or exchanged.

This finely crafted mahogony card box has many exiting features that recommend it to many types of magic. The box holds a poker size deck in its case and acts as a unique card box with a great added feature.  There are no magnets, toggles or slides and yet you are in complete control of the change at all times.

(Notice: please use your own deck, the poker deck inside the box is just to show it holds a full Poker Deck.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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