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Prediction Chips by Per Clausen

(c. 1990)
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This effect is a clean prediction of any one of 5 colors. I’ve seen the principle used in other effects such as El Duco’s Magic Signs. The chips are nicely made and it also comes with a presentation to perform it twice in one setting which does add a good twist to the routine.

If you like brass magic with no sleight of hand and a simple plot then this is a well priced effect for you!

Effect: Bring out a long black jewelry box, the type that a diamond necklace might come in. Open the box and show five beautiful brass poker chips. Each chip is inlaid with a different color. There’s red, blue, yellow, green and black. Explain that you have already made a prediction. The prediction is attached to the bottom of the jewelry box. A spectator is given an absolutely free choice of any of the five chips. They can even change their mind if they wish. Let’s say they choose blue.

Stack the chips so the blue chip is at the top. Turn over the box to show your prediction. It’s a mirror! In the mirror is the reflection of the blue chip! Wow!! The audience will be absolutely unimpressed. But, wait, there’s more! Turn the five poker chips over. The back of each chip is white, except for the freely selected chip. Written on the back of the selected chip is the message “You will select this one!” The audience will go nuts. And, you can immediately hand the chips out for inspection.

The routine can be repeated almost immediately with a different color selected, as there is no force. The method is absolutely brilliant; extremely simple to perform; totally mechanical. Instead of a message, you could have an X (or anything you wish) appear on the back of the chip.

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