Pocket Sawing in Half (Kartenetui) by Wolfgang Grosskopf

(c. 1982)
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A rare close-up effect from the inventive German craftsman Wolfgang Grosskopf. This is Wolfgang’s version of a Pocket Sawing in Half.

The name of this prop in German is actually Kartenetui:  which Google translates to Card Case.  And the German instructions refer to three distinct effects. Unfortunately, their are only English instructions for the final sawing effect, and although there are German instructions I am not sure if they are complete or not.  I don’t speak German and the Google translation was not that useful.

As a collectible this is certainly rare, but you will need to spend some time with the props and a good translator to figure out all the details.  As it stands you can perform the final sawing effect but the other two are a little more elusive and should be considered bonus items if you can figure them out.  At the very least a deck of bridge sized cards would be needed.

Effect: If you read the German instructions it refers to three different effects:

  1. A prediction where you correctly predict which card they will select, which can be repeated immediately.
  2. A transformation where the chosen Jack is placed in the case one way and it turns around inside the case from facing down to facing up
  3. Finally, a playing card is inserted in the frame where it is seemingly cut in half with a miniature saw.  At the end all is back together and well.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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