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Pocket Ju Ju Man by Buma

(c. 2018)
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This is the pocket-sized version of Buma’s popular shamanistic effect: Ju Ju Man. I think the smaller size makes this more practical and easier to do too.

With reset in seconds, nothing to replace or wear out, and fully self contained this item is perfect for walk-around and table hopping situations. The little men are adorable and intriguing to lay people and this could be the perfect non-card effect you have been looking for.

Performer introduces two 4 1/2” pocket sized Ju Ju Men from a natural Jute pouch. Both Ju Ju Men features a red X markings on various parts of their anatomy, such as their head, arm, groin, hand, knee, ankle and chest.

Two mini Skulls with pointed and sharpened pins are now removed from the same Jute pouch, the performer now tells how Ju Ju Men have been traditionally crafted by shaman’s from the mud and dried grass of ancient West African burial grounds. Such Ju Ju Men are renowned for their powers of projection which will now be demonstrated.

The performer hands a Ju Ju Man and a Skull pin to one of the spectators to hold, the performer then places his Ju Ju man on a table top and covers it with the Jute pouch so it’s out of view and in darkness under the jute pouch, the performer then takes the second Skull pin and proceeds to place it under the jute pouch and stick (pin) it into one of the red X’s on the Ju Ju Man. (all being done concealed out of the spectators view, being done under the cover of the jute pouch on the table top)

The spectator has no idea which red X has been selected and pierced with the Skull pin by the performer. The spectator now in turn, randomly sticks their Skull pin in any one of the red X’s on their Ju Ju Man (NO FORCE IS USED). The performer now removes from under cover of the jute pouch his Ju Ju Man, which reveals to the spectators amazement! that the Skull pin is piercing the exact red X as the spectator’s choice on their Ju Ju Man

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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