P&L Spider Web Card Appearance (Card Spider) by Petrie-Lewis

(c. 1985)
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This parlor and stage effect was invented by British magician James Orrin c. 1932.

This version was created by the reformed Petrie-Lewis c. 1985 when they were in Florida c. 1983-1990 (the original Petrie-Lewis were in business from 1917-1968 when they were sold to Abbott’s) and was heavily influenced by the Owen Magic Supreme version of this effect right down to the color scheme and layout of the Spider Web.  This comes with original instructions, hallmarked with the famous P&L logo and only a few of these were made. The spider is slightly larger and looks better than the Owen’s version.  This unit works perfectly and the effect looks amazing!

Effect: A card selected and returned to the pack. Meanwhile the spider web is shown and performer gives the web a spin. Suddenly a small white spot appears in the web. This spot gets larger and larger until finally it is the size of a playing card, and this is found to be the chosen card. The spider is then taken off the web with the chosen card held in the feet of the spider.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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