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P&L Foo Can by Petrie-Lewis

(c. 1930,2017)
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The Foo Can is named after the Chinese Magician Ching Ling Foo and was invented (or at least introduced) by him c. 1898.  It was originally known as the Ching Ling Foo can which was shortened to Foo Can (or sometimes Foocan), and it is also referred to as the Chinese Water can. You can read more in Dr. Albo #5 and Dr. Albo #10.   Foo Can’s have been created by many manufacturers over the years including: Thayer, P&L, Abbott’s, and others.

This is the newly re-released version from the re-formed P&L

Effect: With the P&L Foo Can you can visibly pour a 1/2 a glass of water into this magical vase. The spectators can see and hear the liquid enter, yet the magician can immediately turn the can upside down. A pencil or wand may be inserted into the upside down can proving the liquid has completely vanished. The can is placed down, fingers snapped and the previously empty can is now filled with water once again.

Other uses:

  • Half a glass of milk is visibly poured into the can. It is in turn poured into a paper cone from where it vanishes.
  • A glass of water is poured in the can that is then covered with a playing card. Everything is turned upside down and card removed. The water mysteriously remains in the can. The mouth of the can is again covered with the card and the whole thing turned right side up. The card is removed and the water is now poured out.
  • Great to incorporate with a Lota effect.

The P&L Foo can was manufactured with precision. We have finished the piece in a multiple step process to give it a gleaming finish to last a lifetime.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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