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Pieces of Eight (#3 of 10) by Kent Bergmann

(c. 2009)
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One more from the talented Kent Bergmann! Before Kent became the king of 3D printing he created quite a stir with his Z-Wood (Zebrawood) line of magic. This is a rare beauty from those times. Anything from his Z-Wood Magic line is highly sought after by collectors.

Pieces of Eight is a themed collection of magic that is rarer than his Paddle-Works and even more sought after – just ten of these were produced and Kent only released nine to the public, keeping one for himself.  This is the only set I have ever seen.  The collection comes with a 20 page booklet of instructions and eight certificates of authenticity (one for each effect).  Kent spared no expense on this beauty and the box and contents weighs more than 6lbs – you can feel the quality dripping from this bad boy.

Housed inside the beautiful box are eight unique effects:

  • Pegged
  • Sea Sense
  • Swiped
  • a “Reale” Penetration
  • P-King’s Ring
  • Commodore’s Cards
  • D.J.’s Locker
  • Hooked

The Woods used in this stunning creation are:

  • Zebrawood –the heavy grained wood mainly used.
  • Bloodwood – the red colored wood.
  • Wenge – the black colored wood.
  • Maple – the white wood.

Kent’s line of 3D Magic is really amazing but nothing beats the feel, color and smell of genuine wood, and it is hard to find another collection where so much care and attention to detail was poured into it’s creation.  Excellent job Kent!

Effect: Pieces of Eight is a themed collection of magic which is strictly limited to only 10 sets. Of these 10 sets, only 9 of these sets will be made available on a reservation basis. The wooden case which houses this magic collection is handcrafted in Zebrawood. The top decoration on the case is an Eight Reale (R) (Pieces of Eight) embedded in a design made of Wenge, Bloodwood and Maple then treated with a natural, oil-rubbed finish. The case measures approximately 11.5″ x 10″ x 4.75″. Inside, the lid houses the instruction for each of the eight pieces. Each set of instructions are sealed with a hand stamped wooden seal (separate white sheet instruction are also included for use). A numbered certificate and a numbered plaque are also mounted on the inside portion of the lid. The inside lower portion of the case consists of custom fitted compartments for each piece and then lined with a cardinal flock. Below are brief descriptions for each of the eight pieces in this set. Although each of the eight magic pieces in this set are created with a storyline (patter) of Pirates and the Royal Navy of long, long ago only a general description of the routines are explained to keep the reading shorter.

Pegged – The performer brings forward a box with a lid, removes the lid and dumps onto the table five different colored pegs. The performer turns away, and the spectator is asked to place one of the colored pegs into the box and replaces the lid. The spectator is then asked to remove the other pegs from view. The performer then turns around and can immediately identify which color peg had been chosen and placed into the box. The Pegged box is made of Zebrawood and decorated on the front with Wenge. The box measures approximately 3.75″ tall and treated with a natural, oil-rubbed finish. Each peg is 2.75″ long.

Sea Sense – Three identical boxes are placed on the table. Three spectators are each asked to select one of the boxes. The performer then hands a bag of “stones” to one of the three and then turns his back to all three. The spectators are then asked to reach into the bag and take out one of the “stones” and hold onto it tightly in their hands. Then the spectators are asked to open their box, place their selected “stone” inside and then close the box. The spectators are then asked to place the boxes back on the table (in any order, anywhere) and step back from the table. The performer then turns around and picks up one of the boxes. The performer explains that he asked the spectators hold the “stones” tightly as this will allow the performer to determine which spectator selected which “stone”. The performer opens one of the boxes, removes the “stone” and holds it tightly in his hand. The performer then correctly identifies which spectator selected the “stone”. The performer then continues to correctly identify the other two spectator’s selections. Note: this routine can be done with only two boxes and two spectators if the need be. The bag and “stones” are included with this piece, however, the spectators can be asked to place a personal item that will fit in the box and the performer will correctly identify who put what in where. The Sea Sense boxes are made of Zebrawood and Bloodwood. Each box measure approximately 2.25″ x 2.25″ x 1.25″ and treated with a natural, oil-rubbed finish.

Swiped – Two drawer boxes are introduced and opened. One of the drawers is lined in red, while the other is lined in black. The performer brings forward a miniature, rolled up, leather-like treasure map and miniature map codes. The performer then places the map and the codes into the red lined drawer and closes it. The black lined drawer box is also closed. The performer then opens the red lined drawer box to reveal that the map and codes have vanished. The black lined drawer box is opened to reveal that it now contains the map and codes. The map and codes have vanished from one drawer box and appeared in the other. The map and codes are removed and both drawer boxes are once again shown empty. The drawer boxes are made of Zebrawood, measure approximately 3″ x 2.25″ x 1″. One drawer box is lined with a black flock and the other is lined with a cardinal flock. Both drawer boxes have been treated with a natural, oil-rubbed finish.

a “Reale” Penetration – A coin slide is introduced and shown freely to the spectator. The performer shows that the Eight Reale (R) passes freely from one opening of the coin slide and out the other. The performer then demonstrates that the Eight Reale (R) cannot pass through the coin slide when the pegs are placed through the holes . . . Impossible. The performer asks the spectator to hold out her hand, the performer holds the coin slide over the spectator’s hand and snaps her fingers over the coin slide. The coin falls from the coin slide and into the spectator’s open hand. The coin has penetrated through the obstructed coin slide! The coin slide is made of Zebrawood with an inlaid decorative band on one side. The coin slide measures approximately 4″ x 2″ x.5″. Each of the pegs measure 2.75″ long and all has been treated with a natural, oil-rubbed finish. Coin is included.

P-King’s Ring – A box with a lid is opened, and a smaller box locked with a bolt and a nut is removed. The nut is un-screwed from the bolt and the lid is removed to reveal a golden ring depicting a skull and crossbones. The performer then returns the ring to the smaller box and screws the nut all the way on the bolt locking the lid onto the smaller ring box. The ring box is then returned into the larger box and the lid is replaced. A moment later, the performer removes the lid of the box and dumps the smaller ring box onto the table in pieces. Impossible! The nut has completely unscrewed itself in a matter of seconds from the bolt and freed the golden ring from inside. All are handed out to be freely inspected. Both boxes are made of Zebrawood. The larger box measures approximately 3.5″ x 1.75″ x 1.75″. The bolt locking ring box measures approximately 1.25″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″. All are treated with a natural, oil-rubbed finish. The gold skull ring is a men’s size 10 and is 18kt genuine gold plated over heavy jeweler’s brass. Genuine red Swarovski crystals decorate the eyes, and around the sides of the ring are clear crystals.

Commodore’s Cards – The performer removes the lid of a wooden box and dumps the contents to reveal eight different wooden “Code” cards. Each of the code cards represents a different enemy ship (pirate ship). The code cards were used to send information from one Royal Navy ship to the other without fear of being deciphered by the enemy if captured. Each code card would represent a different enemy ship with the number one code card (red card) representing the toughest ship to capture . . . a Ghost Ship . . . the “Flying Dutchman”. The performer goes through each of the eight cards explaining which ship is represented by each card. After the eight cards are shown, they are immediately laid out onto the table one at a time. But, one card has vanished! There are now only seven cards. The number one code card (red card) representing the “Ghost Ship” has disappeared. The performer opens the box to reveal that a card has magically returned to the box: the number one code card! Apparently the Flying Dutchman cannot be captured. The entire set is made of Zebrawood, the front of the box is decorated with Wenge, Bloodwood and Maple. The box measures approximately 4″ x 2.5″ x 1.5″ and each of the eight cards measure approximately 3″ x 2″ x .125″. All has been treated with a natural, oil-rubbed finish.

D.J.’s Locker – A small box is presented. It looks like an old trunk, or . . . a sailor’s locker. Except this one does not open. There is a hole that passes through the locker, and this is shown by the performer as he puts the red Captain’s stick through the hole of the box so approximately 2 inches of stick is protruding from each side of the locker. The performer removes the Captain’s stick from the locker and tells the story oft D.J.’s Locker . . . the sailor’s place of no return. The performer places the Captain’s stick back into one of the holes of the locker and keeps pushing it in . . . except it is not coming out the other side. Impossible! The performer pulls the Captain’s stick out of the locker. There is no possible way for this stick to fit inside the locker, as it is much longer than the locker is wide. The performer allows the spectator to try and push the Captain’s stick into the locker. But as the spectator tries, the locker is now solid through and through. The box is made of Zebrawood and decorated with Bloodwood and Wenge. The box measures approximately 2.5″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″ and has been treated with a natural, oil-rubbed finish. The red Captain’s Stick measures 5.5″ long.

Hooked – The performer explains that justice on a ship was not always fair. In fact, it was almost always determined by the captain playing a gambling game with the accused . . . and the captain always wins. And the accused would most certainly be “Hooked”. The performer brings forward two boxes; one is used by the spectator, the other used by the performer. The performer then produces 12 white prediction cards numbered 1 through twelve (by dots). The performer selects one of the cards and places it face down in the prediction box and places the cover on it. The performer then, brings forward a small black bag containing twelve smaller, red numbered cards. The performer places the twelve red cards into the larger box (shaker) and hands the box to the spectator. The spectator is instructed to shake the red pieces inside the shaker and dump them onto the table. Any red piece that is face up (dot side up) will remain in the game. Any piece that falls blank-side-up will be removed from the game and set aside. This will continue until there is only one piece remaining face up. Once there is one red piece remaining face up, it is then slid next to the prediction box. The prediction box cover is removed and the prediction card turned over to reveal an exact match. The captain wins again and the spectator has been “Hooked”. Note: the prediction can be different every time and can be any number 1 though 12. The boxes are made of Zebrawood. The larger box (shaker) measures approximately 3.25″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″. The prediction box measures approximately 3.25″ x 2.5″ x 1.75″. The white prediction cards are made of Maple and measure approximately 2″ 1.25″ x .125″. The smaller red cards are made of Bloodwood and measure approximately 1″ x .75″ x .125″. This piece has been treated with a natural, oil-rubbed finish

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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