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Phantom Dice (Original) by Tricks Co., Toshio Akanuma

(c. 1975)
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Another great effect from the from the creative Japanese Magic Inventor and Owner of Tricks Co., Inc.:  Toshio Akanuma.  This effect uses Jack Avis’ gimmick idea used in Poker Pot and creates some wonderful magic.  The move is easy to do and you will quickly be making the dice vanish and penetrate quite magically. The photo-illustrated instructions detail three main routines:

  1. The transference of the die in the box to the hand
  2. The penetration of the die in the box through the bottom of a plastic cup
  3. The penetration of the die from the box through the hand

Effect: Every once in a while, a truly amazing bit of magic comes in and it wows the people in the store. This one is that kind of magic. The instructions detail several effects that can be performed with the materials you’ll receive- space will permit our telling you of one of them.

You place a small die in a little plastic box, and then throw the box and die into a plastic drinking glass. Immediately, the die is in your other hand, which has been holding the cup. The small box is empty. You can then pass the cup, the die and the small box around for examination. The other routines are even more astounding. Now how did that die get through the cup? Hmmm …

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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