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Perfection Card Box by National Magic Company

(c. 1947)
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This is a very worthy attempt by Jim Sherman’s National Magic Company to create a card box as good as P&L’s stunning Ultra Perfect Card Box.

My copy is past it’s prime (and it looks like the interior has been repainted), but you can see how close Jim got.  The soldering is not as clean and the overall finish  is a not as shiny (though that could be age).  If you look at the final photos you can see how similar it looks to the Standard Model P&L pictured.  But a very worthy attempt and a nice looking card box for sure.

Effect: This box is so constructed that there is just enough room when the cover is closed to hold a card. It is made of metal, precision made, measures inches and is richly chromed. With this wonderful box cards can be vanished, made to appear, changed one to another and many other effects too numerous to mention.

Owing to its ingenious construction it can be safely examined and handled by the audience without fear of detection. A wonderful routine furnished with each box.

A card is chosen and particular stress is laid upon the fact that the spectator has a free choice. Attention is called to a metal box and the audience is asked to note that is is so constructed that it has space inside only for a playing card.

The selected card is torn into eight or nine small pieces by the performer. The spectator is requested to hold one of the pieces and the remaining pieces are placed in the box by performer. The cover is then closed and the box handed to the spectator.

The performer then states that he will cause the torn pieces which are in the box to be restored to their original shape except for the piece being held by the spectator.

The spectator opens the box and finds the card completely restored except for the small piece Which he originally selected. Upon examination and comparison it is found that the piece he held fits the restored card perfectly.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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