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Perfect Silk To Ball (Red, Ver. 3) by JL Magic

(c. 2012)
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Out of stock


This works very smoothly.  There is some noise to cover due to the speed of the vanish, so this is not a close-up trick but it does look good.  It works perfectly with a full size 18″ silk (it does not have to be a diamond cut silk) and comes with two 18″ silks.

Effect: A silk instantly changes into a ball right before spectators’ eyes. This new version allows for the silk to be handled free and independent of the performer’s hands!  Place silk on a table or over your shoulder, then watch as it instantly changes into a ball in your hand!


  • Trick ball
  • 2 silks (to match color of ball)
  • Instructional DVD

(Notice: Includes: DVD (or similar) Instructions.)

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