Penetra-Spheres (Hole in One) by Arsene Lupin

(c. 2016)
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One of my favorite Jack Hughes items is Penetra-Spheres that was invented c. 1937 shortly after Jack invented his tray version of Coins In Glass. Penetra-Spheres was licensed by Abbott’s for sale in the USA and was sold for the first time c. 1947 under the name Hole in One which is the name most people know this effect today.

There have been many versions of this wonderful effect produced, but it has been years since a good version has been created.  Until now.  Arsne Lupin (Slawomir Piestrzeniewicz), the Polish magician, inventor and manufacturer, has created easily the best version of Penetra-Spheres available today.  It is not quite as good as the infamous Definitive Hole in One of which only three were made by The Trickery c. 2004, but it is close enough.  This is what I like about Arsne’s version:

  1. Very precise and quick mechanism with no balancing or peeking required!  You don’t need to look at all and I have yet to miss.  Just cover up your balls, ask the audience which ball they chose, staring at them all the time, then when you whisk away the hanky their ball is sitting right there  entrapped in the center.  Works perfectly!
  2. Related to 1. the small shot glass has been replaced with a permanently fixed metal holder so you’ll never drop the shot glass ever again. 🙂
  3. High quality materials.
  4. Thin base (unlike the appalling version here).
  5. No small fence border that is common in the Abbott’s versions and even the original Jack Hughes version – you’ve probably got used to it by it is not clear it really serves any useful purpose and it does reduce the visibility of where the action happens.

If you ever wanted to perform this beautiful classic now is the time.  You’ll love this version and if you have ever tried one of the Abbott’s versions or most of the others you will be very pleased how easy this one is to master.

Effect: You show a nice tray in dark wood (40 x 22 cm.). In the middle of the tray is an embedded “egg cup” in metal and around that there are 6 grooves with a colored ball in each.

You reach the spectator the six balls and ask him to choose one of the colors freely after which they are placed back in the circle on the ground. You now put a solid glass over the holder in the middle before covering the entire ground with a scarf. You ask the spectator to concentrate on the chosen color. When the scarf is lifted a moment later, the selected ball lies in the cup under the glass!

The number can be repeated immediately and the viewer can freely choose any other color. Completely mechanical and almost self-working. Can be viewed with viewers on all pages.


  • Custom tray.
  • Six brightly colored crochet balls.
  • Large Scarf to cover the whole tray.
  • Glass and metallic holder

Comes complete with a scarf.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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