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Pen Through Anything by John Cornelius

(c. 1993)
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This is the original pen used by John Cornelius, a Mont Blanc style thick black pen which was later changed to a cross style pen as it was cheaper to produce and easier to compete with a number of rip-offs that were quickly appearing on the market place.

This was the effect that caused a flood of imitators but you can’t go wrong with this beautiful and clean original from the amazing and inventive mind of John Cornelius.

There was a key update to this idea c. 1996 that did not require a switch called The Perfect Pen.

Effect: You remove an expensive looking designer type pen. You then borrow a bill from a spectator, and proceed to push the pen through the center of the bill. Once the pen is through the bill, you can show the pen and the bill from all angles. You then take the pen and proceed to rip it through the bill. They can actually hear the bill rip. Now slowly and fairly you rub your fingers over the torn parts, and the bill is now restored. Everything can be examined.

You can also use a coin, a business card, your tie or just about anything.

Comes complete with gimmicked Mont Blanc style pen and a matching regular pen and 2 pages of photo-illustrated instructions for ease of learning.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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