Paper Thin Sawing by Collectors’ Workshop

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So here is a beauty that is rarely seen from Nick and Rich from the early days of Collector’s Workshop at Misty Morn Farm.  It is the close-up version of sawing a woman in half: Paper Thin Sawing.  Performer displays a small business card size portrait of a lady in a red dress. On the reverse side of the card is a woman in a yellow dress. (Call this the “Red-Yellow” card.) He places the card on a small “altar”, covering it with a brass lid. Then, the performer takes a single-edge razor and severs the card. Lifting the lid, the performer displays the two halves. In replacing them on the altar, he inadvertently reverses the halves so that the upper half of the woman’s dress is red and the lower half is yellow. Replacing the lid, the performer utters a magic incantation. Removing the lid, the card is seen to be restored, but in the “reversed” condition. (Call this the “Mixed” card.) The card is left with the spectator as a souvenir.

Comes with generous supply of both normal and mixed cards, instructions and in the original box.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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July 12, 2017 5:18 am$210.00Private
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