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The P&L Book by Barbi Walker, Robert Seaver, Byron Walker

(c. 1992)
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Effect: A beautifully produced book and a must have if you intend to collect P&L. Included many color photos of the beautiful P&L items.  Not only does it include photos and instructions of almost all P&L items, complete with their routine and method, but it also includes almost 60 pages of historical information about the company itself.


I Acknowledgements
III Preface

1 John Petrie, My Grandfather (Stewart Petrie, M.D.)
7 Memory Lane (John Booth)
9 P&L The House Where Tricks Were Born (John Henry Grossman M.D., M.I.M.C.
13 The Final Days (Bernie Walsh)
15 The Wonderful Wizard of Westville (Robert C. Seaver)

57 Petrie-Lewis Instruction Sheets
59 Preface to the Instructions
61 Bags
65 Balls
69 Bottles, Cans & Lotas
75 Candles and Rockets
81 Cards
99 Cigarettes
111 Clocks
115 Coins
121 Cups and Bowls
129 Dice
133 Firecrackers
139 Flowers
145 Funnels
147 Glasses
153 Livestock
161 Matches
167 Paper and Wood
169 Pencils and Crayons
173 Reels and Pulls
177 Ribbons,Rings and Rope
189 Shooting Through a Woman
197 Silks
209 Tables
211 Thimbles
215 Tubes
225 Wands
231 Miscellaneous

241 Additions and Curiosities
257 Color Pages
269 Index

  • Publisher: Byron Walker
  • Pages: 277
  • Location: San Leandro, CA, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x12″
  • Date: 1992
  • Binding: hardbound

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