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Okito’s Mystery Paddle by Okito-Williams

(c. 2000)
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Here we have another beautiful recreation by Carl Williams of the Okito Mystery Paddle that was originally created by Okito c. 1950 as Paddle Card Prediction.  This version by Carl Williams was released c. 2000 in a limited edition of less than 30.

The instructions say this is an adaption of a well-known slate trick marketed by Annemann, which I was unable to find a reference to. But as far as I know it is an adaptation of U.F. Grant’s Slate of Mind.  Apart from looking significantly nicer I like the fact you start with a full deck and have six cards “randomly” chosen from the deck with neither the audience or the performer knowing what they are.  That gives the impression that one card out of a whole deck was in fact predicted.

If you ever wanted to perform any form of Slate of Mind, Okito’s Mystery Paddle would be the best way to do it: it looks beautiful and is more convincing.

Effect: After displaying a beautifully decorated paddle to the audience, a prediction is written on a slip of paper, placed in an envelope and placed in a clip on the front side of the paddle. The paddle is then set aside.

Next, a deck of cards is shown and six cards are randomly removed and placed into clips on the back of the paddle so that their backs are to the audience. Neither the magician, nor the audience is aware of the  cards placed into the clips.

A member of the audience is asked to choose one of the cards. This card is pulled from the numbered clip designated and placed in the clip on top of the paddle. The paddle is reversed and the audience can see that the other five cards show as various cards from the deck. The card designated by the member of the audience is at the top of the paddle.

The envelope is taken from the front of the paddle and a member of the audience opens the envelope. True to the prediction from the magician, the name on the prediction is the same as the card chosen by the audience.

History (from instructions): The, “Okito Mystery Paddle” has a somewhat shallow history. This effect was an adaptation of a well-known slate trick marketed by Annemann. In Annamann’s version, a prediction was written on the front of a slate after which six cards were placed, presumably at random, around it’s periphery. The audience was asked to choose one of the cards that turned out to be the card previously predicted by the magician.

Okito became aware of this effect and re-produced it in the form of a beautifully decorated paddle. This paddle version conceived by Okito, being a very scarce piece of apparatus, was included as effect number eight of the, “Replica’s of the Masters” series for that very reason. Although quite a simplistic apparatus this effect is very performable and extremely strong from an audience point of view.

The, “Okito Mystery Paddle” is a direct replica taken from an original presently a part of the, Robert J. Albo, M.D. collection. We wish to thank Dr. Albo for his kindness in allowing this rare piece of Okito apparatus to be replicated for this series. This item is referenced on page 91 of, Additional Classic Magic with Apparatus, Vol. IX. The transfers on the replica deviate from the originals, however, those used are accurate reproductions of the H.G. Wells transfers so often used by Okito.

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