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New Generation Card Fountain (Third Series) by Marcelo Contento

(c. 1993,1998)
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In 1991 Marcelo and Victor Contento founded their company Contento Productions and so began the creation of some of the best engineered custom props for magicians. One of the most popular items  was this item: The New Generation Card Fountain.

It is still the best card fountain available and the one to beat. This version is the third series released c. 1998 and came with an optional remote control (not included).  It is truly hard to believe that 22 years later there has still not been a better engineered, stronger, or more reliable card fountain.

You load the cards and flick the switch and eight seconds later the cards fly out of top.  The ad copy says 4 feet high but I think that is conservative and it can easily handle more than a full deck of poker sized cards.  I often add an extra 20 or 30 cards to keep the stream of cards flowing for as long as possible.

When I received my first one of these in 2000 I still remember how amazed I was with the quality of the finish and electronics. A tear actually came to my eye (boy those were the days!) and I immediately called up Marcelo to thank him for producing such a beautiful device 🙂

Effect: In 1946 Billy McComb published his refreshing ideas about the De Kolta Card Fountain, which was destined to become a classic effect. His creative thinking and concepts were the beginning of a dream awaiting only the technology to develop it into a working reality. And when this finest state-of-the-art Card Fountain was released Billy McComb received the first one ever manufactured.

Imagine placing your deck of unprepared cards into a box or hat (or anything else) and a few moments later, after stepping far away, the entire deck cascades upward in a magnificent fountain … one card after another. The “magic” is up to you. Perhaps you will choose to reach your hand into the fountain and draw out a selected card, or you may choose to stab the card with a Card Sword. The possibilities are endless.

The unique and compact design was developed for the demanding professional performer. The delay is electronic. The mechanism shoots the cards four feet into the air for a spectacular display. This is a self-contained, high quality product that you will be proud to own and perform.

When in 1993 we announced the release of our first New Generation Card Fountains, we never thought that we would be offering a Third Series. Today, it doesn’t surprise us as it has been adopted by most professionals around the world. Our new Card Fountain, Third Series, was designed and manufactured with the same standard of quality and dedication, but with five more years of experience.

The Card Fountain may be activated by using the Electronic Delay (8 seconds). After shooting the cards four feet (or more depending on the quality of the deck and how fresh the batteries are) into the air for a spectacular display, the machine turns OFF automatically.

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