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New Four Ace Jumbo (Four of a Kind) by Thayer Quality Magic

(c. 1930)
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This is really a simple and useful switching stand for Jumbo cards.  It can be used for a clean Four Aces effect or for the transformation to any desired set of a few cards.  According to Verrall Wass (Tomorrow’s Devant, The Sphinx, August 1944, pg. 154) this effect was actually invented by Ned Williams (Robert Harbin) and although Ned is not credited he is mentioned in the ad.  This also was known as Four of a Kind (well at least the instructions that came with it say that, but I have found no other reference to it being called that name).

To perform it requires two decks of Jumbo cards, and with this effect the new style, thinner Jumbo Bicycles work better than the old thicker ones so I have included two brand new decks of current Bicycle Jumbo Cards.

Possible Presentations:

  • A demo of this effect is performed by Dr. Albo on Disc 9 of The Ultimate Thayer. However, Dr. Albo uses random indifferent cards rather than the A, 2, 3, 4 of each suit as mentioned in the effect below.   Using A, 2, 3, 4 is a really nice way of performing the Four Aces, and makes it easier to spot the movement of the aces.  In addition with the A, 2, 3, 4 presentation the other three aces actually move to the designated pile rather than being replaced with an indifferent 4th card. So you end up with 3 cards in each pile (2,3,4) and only the aces pile has 4 cards.  Of course you can perform it the more traditional way too – the system is very flexible.
  • Another presentation is to mention that whatever number they choose all of the cards at that number will appear at the chosen spot.  They say “3”, and at location “3” are all four 3’s, and then the magician also shows that all the A’s are in location “1”, all the 2’s in location “2”, and all the 4’s in location “4”.
  • You could use it to produce multiple chosen (forced) cards,
  • Change indifferent cards to Poker hands and you get the winning hand.
  • It could be used with jumbo flash cards and other cards that fit in the slots.

In the ad copy it states: “invite the audience to select or designate any one of the four piles” that is Dealer Speak for “Magician’s Choice” 🙂  Or you can simply mishear and say “Pile 2” did you say?

This is a very fine looking prop that looks great, has the flexibility to perform multiple effects, and can be used in small parlors and stage settings.

Effect: Here we present the latest FOUR ACE TRICK SUPREME, and when Ned Williams (Robert Harbin) said it was good, he certainly knew what he was talking about.  A handsome easel with four spaces numbered 1-2-3-4. From an ordinary pack of Jumbo Cards you take the Ace, Deuce, Tray and Four of each suit, and place in spaces facing outward on the easel.

You then slowly turn each set of cards around with the backs to the front, and invite the audience to select or designate any one of the four piles, which is immediately removed from the stand, and shown, and which now proves to be ALL FOUR ACES, while the odd cards now occupy the other three spaces–no aces remaining. This effect IS A CORKER and the ease with which it is done will certainly surprise you. A beautiful mechanical stand which POSITIVELY CANNOT FAIL is alone responsible. You merely turn the four sets of cards around and the trick is done. No special or double faced cards are used.

Many other variations are possible, such as a novel and startling poker hand deal, etc.


Just the thing you are needing for the “something different” effect on your program. The easel stands firm on any table and packs flat for travel. We have given it our attractive and accurate workmanship. Without that accuracy the trick might fail.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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