Nest of Seven Boxes by Arsene Lupin

(c. 2014)
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Arsène Lupin (Slawomir Piestrzeniewicz) is a qualified medical doctor from Poland who  became a full-time professional magician in 1980.  He placed second for Manipulation in FISM 1982 and 1991, and third for Invention in 2003.  He creates some really wonderful and unique magic that is well priced. 

This nest of boxes is not quite as stunning as Mel Babcock’s beauties, but it is much lighter, cheaper, smaller and more practical to use.  The method is the simple and reliable coin in ball of wool approach and the look on their faces when you pull their ring or signed coin from the seventh box is priceless – just check out the video … I can say for sure I’ve never been kissed by a man or a woman after performing a trick so maybe this effect is what I’ve been missing all these years 🙂

Effect: You borrow a finger ring from a spectator and conceal it with a scarf. You ask her to hold on tight to the ring through the scarf. Meanwhile, you pull out a fine wooden box, sealed with two huge rubber bands.

Depending on your temperament or style, you now do a magical gesture, wave your magic wand, mumble a few spells or say something funny… Just one second later the spectator’s ring has disappeared under the scarf. You ask her to take the rubber bands off the box and open it. Inside the box hides a new smaller box. That one is also opened and inside is… One more wooden box. She continuous opening boxes while they keep becoming smaller and smaller. At last – in the smallest and 7th box, she finds her lost ring.

Note: It only takes 1-2 seconds to load the ring – all the way inside the center of the boxes. From the moment you pull out the box, you won’t have to touch it again.

You receive the seven small finely made wooden boxes, that fit precisely inside each other, together with a delicate assistive device in metal.

You can make the ring vanish, using your favorite method, though I still love the Sans Minds Vanishing Ring.  Instead of using a ring, you can also use a signed coin or some other small recognizable object

(Notice: This does not come with any instructions.)

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