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Mystic Prediction by Magic Wagon

(c. 2019)
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As usual Magic Wagon have no problems creating a beautiful looking prop.  This one seems to have had mixed reactions which I think might be a little unfair based on my first impressions at least. I think the mechanism that makes this work is very clever and works reliably. The fact that you can choose any six symbols and have six outs is pretty neat for sure.  It would be quite easy to expand that number with the right routine. Also you can freely show the device from all sides and even give it to the spectator without fear of them seeing anything, both before and after the work is done.

The problem is that the unit is a little contrived.  It is not a whiteboard, but a whiteboard with a drawer at the bottom – it looks great but may not be that logical.    Also, there are some angle issues when you do the actual work and it is a little tricky to get ready in plain sight.  I think this is another example of a good idea not fully fleshed out.

I’ve seen it compared to T.A. Waters’ Box Office but the big difference is that although many versions of Box Office have the drawer below where the prediction is, they work because the items are displayed in a box or tray above. If you wanted to make this be very convincing with the whiteboard, the whiteboard would need to be very thin or transparent.

But to be fair with nearly all Magic Wagon items you have to accept the fact that they are going to be creating fairly large, cool looking magical boxes which if you like wooden boxes (as I do) you will love, but if you trying to convince an audience you are performing real magic with, it might be a stretch. But this is pretty much true with any box or prop that is designed for magic – the second you get a way from basic non-prop items such as cards, coins, paper, pens, ropes, etc. there is always going to be more suspicion on the prop. And props that Magic Collector’s and hobbyists like tend to be much more ornate than you really need and Magic Wagon excel and filling that space.  So you end up with props that look kind of large and contrived.  But they are giving the people what they want 🙂

(Notice: In my photos I did not actually write on the white board and instead placed a piece of card over the whiteboard so that I could protect the prop and if you look closely you can see the edge of the card in the first two photos.  The final photo shows how it really looks, sorry for any confusion!)

Effect: A beautiful wooden whiteboard stand, which the performer states contains a prediction, is displayed. The performer now draws ESP symbols and then asks a spectator to call out any one of them. The choice is completely free and there is absolutely no force of any kind. The spectator is now instructed to remove the drawer from the stand and inside he finds a scroll of paper securely tied with thread. He, himself, removes the prediction and reads what is written. To the spectator’s surprise, the prediction perfectly matches the chosen symbol!

  • The effect is completely self-contained; no palming and no sleight of hand are required!
  • There is absolutely no force of any kind and the effect can be immediately repeated, if desired!
  • The method is truly a mechanical marvel; no electronics and no pre-show!

Mystic Prediction has been inspired by our “Enigma Chest” which was released in very limited quantities at FISM convention in 2015. The mechanical “workings” of this latest version, however, are different in both construction and operation. Many hours of workmanship go into making one of these due to the mechanism involved and the effects that can be created with this system are limited only by one’s imagination!

This beautiful effect measures approximately 14cms wide by 21cms tall and 4.5cms deep and is completely hand-crafted of genuine teak with a lightly distressed oil finish. The prediction paper measures approximately 2.5cms wide by 21cms long.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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