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Mystery of Three Boxes by Michael Baker

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Another stunner from the talented craftsman Michael Baker. There are not many craftsmen left who make classic magic apparatus with this much color, consistency, attention to detail, and high quality. And to top it off all of Michael’s magic is quite affordable, particularly when you look at the amount of work involved to make each piece.

What I also like about Michael’s work is that he was a performer for 35 years so he has a vast knowledge of what works in the real world. When he switched gears to start building and selling props he took all of that knowledge and uses it when he creates items as though he building for himself.

There are some interesting subtitles with this set which to the untrained eye are not really noticeable until you point them out, and they all have the impact of selling the illusion. I won’t describe them here, but almost one page of the directions is dedicated to these key features making it all the more effective when performed.

The basic effect is as follows: The magician introduces a tray displaying three boxes. One box contains tea leaves, the next, some fine silk, and the third is empty. Also on display is a tall square tube. The magician proceeds to borrow and have signed, a bill from a member of the audience. This is then placed into the third box. This box is also a different color than the first two, and so easily distinguished from the others.

The boxes are dropped into the tall tube, one at a time, with the box containing money going in last, and therefore on top of the stacked boxes. However, when the tube is lifted, the money box is seen to be at the bottom of the stack, beneath the others. This procedure is repeated, with the money box placed atop the others inside the tube. But again, when the tube is lifted, the money box is at the bottom.

Now, the magician places only two of the boxes in the tube. The money box is placed on the tray and covered with a small square of cloth. The box is caused to disappear, and when the tube is lifted, the box has reappeared BETWEEN the other two! The money is then returned to the person who loaned it.

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