Modern Card Lot by Rob Bromley, Steve Bedwell, Adrian Vega, et al.

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This lot contains an amazing collection of modern full deck card effects you’ll love :

  1. Scaandal by Adrian Vega – ($30) (Online Instructions.)
  2. Lanimated by Antonio Romere – ($65) (DVD (or similar) Instructions.)
  3. Rider The Runaway Deck by Fantasio, Mazo Escurridizo – ($15) (Printed Instructions.)
  4. Reboxed (2018) by Steve Bedwell – ($35) (Online Instructions.)
  5. Card on Ribbon by Mickael Chatelain – ($34) (Online Instructions.)
  6. Quick Change (Invisible Quarters) by Ronjo, Loftus International – ($25) (Printed Instructions.)
  7. RB Coin Deck Ultra by Rob Bromley, Alakazam Magic – ($40) (DVD (or similar) Instructions.)
  8. Rising Cards by Rob Bromley – ($40) (DVD (or similar) Instructions.)
  9. OffWorld by J.P. Vallarino – ($39) (Online Instructions.)

Approx. Total Retail: $323

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions, DVD (or similar) Instructions, Online Instructions.)

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