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Miracle Paddle by Tricks Co.

(c. 1976)
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Out of stock


This is a wonderful new approach to the standard paddle effect and shows off the clever thinking that went into the early Tricks Co. effects. A totally new take on the paddle move.

Another classic effect from the now hard to find Tricks Co. line with original box and instructions.

Effect: Anyone who likes paddle effects will love this! Magi shows a paddle that is hinged at one end and opens into two compartments. Paddle is shown on both sides in the closed position, then opened. A disc is placed in one side then paddle is closed. A magic tap and the disc penetrates the paddle dropping to the table! Disc vanishes and reappears inside the paddle! Both sides of paddle shown at anytime. Possibilities for your own routines are endless! Easy and fun to perform.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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