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MINE (2003 Edition) by Colin Rose, Wayne Dobson

(c. 2003)
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This is my sort of magic these days. It’s made with very nice props that are small and pretty much indestructible. There are no electronics or things to remember or any real set up. And the price is very reasonable.

The routine has great comedy potential and no tricky moves. Instead of just handing out 5 envelopes and you win the one with the $100 bill in as with the usual Bank Night type effect, you have some fun with it. You show these 5 “Turned Discs” that you give the audience the chance to win some cash with. Through a seemingly fair sequence of eliminations you end up with the last remaining disk.

What makes this different is the way in which you first reveal what each spectator won and then what you finally have won. You’re entertaining them with these lines directly related to the words written on each disc, and then wow them at the end as you split open your Disc and pocket the cash!

(Notice: use your own cash prize, it does not come with the $100 bill, and only one of the boxes opens, the other four are 100% sealed and solid.)

Effect: This delightful Routine draws its inspiration from Joe Pasquale who shared some wonderful ‘Bits of Business’ with Wayne…… which is included in the Performance Notes Originally this Effect was marketed with Five Wooden Tablets and used a completely different method to reveal the final prediction….. The All New 2003 Edition has benefited from further product development and has now been re-marketed as Discs……

Five identical ‘Turned Discs’ in a selection of beautiful pale hard woods….. Pear Beech, African Oak etc….. each with a ‘Pyrography Detail’ in the design which conceals the secret of the effect….. You offer your audience the chance to win some money but of course they never do! Wayne outlines in detail a Great Routine for you with lots of Comedy Gags & Patter….. with these exceptional magic props you can really create some great magic and have a good laugh too!

  • Lets presume that the word is THIS …. you say “This is for You”
  • You then repeat the procedure with the next person … Lets presume that the word is THAT … you say …. “I’ve got That for You”
  • If the next one is SOMETHING, you say … “I’ve got Something for You”
  • If the final one is NOTHING, you say … Unfortunately I’ve got Nothing for you”
  • You then swap over SOMETHING & NOTHING and say to the person who now has SOMETHING … “You see it’s not very often that you get SOMETHING for NOTHING”
  • Finally … open up your gimmicked disc “Mine” to reveal the CASH!

Obviously this patter works well whatever order the discs are revealed.

(Notice: there are a a few indents on the back of one of the discs as seen in the last photo but it has zero impact on the effect and will go unnoticed during performance.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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